Tin Foil Roses: 
Making the best out of nothing under 
the guidance of my Heavenly Father.

What have I found, you ask? That's easy...I  have finally found the curriculumn that Riley will be using to finish out his school year.  

The beginning of the school year progressed so slowly the I became determined to find the best method for the kids even if I had to make it up myself.  Well, I didn't have to make it up myself...at least not entirely.  After a very long...very long...hiatus, we will be finishing the first grade using the Charlotte Mason Method, with my own little twist on it.  I have spent the day reading some of the books that she has written, and my mind is fluttering around with ideas and inspiration.  

Many, many prayers were put into this decision, that's for sure, as I felt completely lost in a plethora of curriculum choices, books, supplements and just the fact that I did, eventually, manage to sort them all out and choose what I feel the God feels will be best in the long run for my children's education...well, I'm excited, and eager, to say the least.  

I think that the Charlotte Mason method, with my own little twist, of course, will be the perfect combination between the traditional method that did too much with little retention, and the unschooling method, which, well, just didn't work for us.  I know that children have a natural curiosity and desire to learn, but it's too stressful for me.  I don't like my parents asking Riley ''What did you work on today?''  and his answer being ''Nothing''.  That's what I really feel like he's been doing in the past couple months of ''unschooling''...nothing.  I'm not one for TONS of structure, but I'd at least like to feel a little more productive than ''nothing''.

So, we're going to try this route.  I have a good feeling about this one.  Really, I do.  I feel that I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the answer to our educational distress by myself and never gave God a chance to chime in.  I really feel like He's been attempting to call me towards this direction for quite sometime, but I keep insisting to myself that this couldn't possibly be the right path for Riley because he HATES books and schoolwork and the such.  

But, then again, maybe God is just trying to tell me that to get him to love books, I need to surround him with them...and to get him to love the Lord, I need to surround him with him...and what better way to do that then with books and nature?  



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