Tin Foil Roses: 
Making the best out of nothing under 
the guidance of my Heavenly Father.




The family.  We were a strange little band of characters trudging through life sharing diseases and toothpaste, coveting one another's desserts, hiding shampoo, borrowing money, locking each other out of our rooms, inflicting pain and kissing to heal it in the same instant, loving, laughing, defending, and trying to figure out the common thread that bound us all together.  ~Erma Bombeck

As a way for my family and stalkers to keep up with me, I have decided to make a webpage.  Especially since my mom can't figure out Facebook yet and wants a way of keeping up with her Grandkids.  So, I thought I'd be nice and make a page all about Joaquin and I, and those lovely kiddos. ♥